No Pets Allowed Signs

Whenever I see a sign that conveys a rule banning pets from a store, restaurant, train or roadside service area, it kills me. I mean, I understand some places, but others, it’s just ridiculous.

One day I took a picture of one at a service area on the Adirondack Northway and tweeted it, saying something like, “I hate seeing this sign!” I got a lot of retweets and replies saying how it annoys other people, too.

For the past six months or so, I feel like I’ve been seeing these signs more and more — especially when I travel. Is it an indication more people are taking their pets with them places? Maybe.

I keep snapping these photos, wondering how wide-spread this ban on pets is, because if there is a sign telling the public their pet isn’t allowed, my guess is at least one person has tried to bring their pet their with them.

During BlogPaws, I was talking to several people about how much these signs, as well as policies like Amtrak’s that doesn’t allow pets on their trains, upsets the heck out of me and wanted to create a community where we could all share similar photos, as well as stories about our pets not being allowed somewhere. I got overwhelming support from the people there to create a Facebook page as a first step doing this, so — I’m excited to introduce the No Pets Allowed Signs Facebook page.

When you see one of these signs, or have an experience where your pet isn’t allowed, share the photo or story on our wall. It would be great if you could include some general information about where the photo was taken. For example, the photo above was taken outside a cellular phone store on the upper east side of Manhattan.

So, next time you see a sign banning your pet from going with you somewhere or you get told your pets not allowed somewhere with you, share it on our Facebook wall. 

6 thoughts on “No Pets Allowed Signs

  1. ROH! The pawrents used to take photos of Lambchop "behind" all those signs (in NYC)! Will see if I can dig them up. I don't think they were digital.

    FYI, no cell phones stores in NYC allow dogs. WTH? How are we supposed to get our iPaw'ds to work! -Starr

  2. I wish pets were allowed more places, maybe then people would stop breaking the law by faking their pet as a service dog. It causes trouble for us real service dogs. Plus if more dogs were allowed, maybe people would stop staring at us like we are circus exhibits. If how a dog behaves is what places worry about, they could always require dogs to pass the Canine Good Citizen test from the AKC.
    Just my opinion.

  3. I keep trying to "like" the page and for some reason Facebook isn't letting me.

    We have a number of parks in our area with acres and acres of woods and grass and pets are NOT allowed. I could never understand that in a park.

    Next time I see a sign I will for sure photograph it.
    Maybe send me the link through Facebook as a page suggestion?

  4. Wish I was there when you were discussing that! I don't go to some festivals in dc just because I would rather ride the metro instead of drive but I hate leaving the pups on a weekend for sometimes 8 hours :(. I understand sometimes why a business would do this. Too many times someone has brought an untrained dog to a restaurant and it's ruined our meal :(. But the same could be said about someone bringing a screaming child… I just wish there were more dog friendly places.

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