October Snow!

I can’t believe it’s snowing in October! In central New Jersey!

I could kind of see if we were home in the Adirondacks Mountains, but here in New Jersey? This is crazy. And, it keeps falling!

Toby doesn’t mind the snow that much, but he typically won’t wear a sweater, so he gets cold fast. I like the white stuff, too, but this is a little early! Have a happy Saturday 🙂 

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8 thoughts on “October Snow!

  1. yep. seems a little early. we are going to get some too. stay warm. reconsider the sweater. or how about a coat? mom makes me wear boots.

    p.s. hopped here and now following

  2. We don't see a lot of that white stuff down here where we live. I do hope we get at least one chance to see some before next Spring though since I wasn't born yet when it came last year. It'd be a first for me!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

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