Toby “Hugs” Beneful’s New Baked Delights

Toby has been loving Beneful’s new Baked Delights, the company’s new line of dog treats that come in four varieties — Stars, Hugs, Snackers and Quacks.

We were sent the Hugs for Toby to try. They’re crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with a beef and cheese taste.

These new snacks are oven-baked and feature a wide variety of flavors, such as beef, chicken, peanut butter and cheese. As you can see, from the photos, Toby couldn’t wait to get his paws on these.

The development of Beneful’s Baked Delights was led by Amanda Hassner, executive chef of the Purina Culinary Center, with the idea that when it comes from the oven, it comes from the heart. Chef Amanda and her team were given a challenge — reinventing Purina dog snacks by creating a new line of dog snacks that uses the best of baking from a human perspective, but with ingredients and formulas created just for pups.

They, in part, based their treats on the human trend of “small plate” food, which gives people a complexity of flavors, textures aromas and colors in one eating experience. The company also wanted to create a dog treat that captured the baked experience instead of your typical bones, chews and rawhides.  

And, I have to add, Toby is picky when it comes to treats. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad, but he won’t eat just anything. Seriously. There have been more than several occasions, I’ve bought him treats and he’s turned his nose at them!

While I was writing this, the box was next to us and Toby kept a close eye on the box, so we shot a quick Tout:

Now for the fun part! Beneful was nice enough offer one of our readers the opportunity to try a box of the treats for themselves!

Here are the giveaway details: 


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