Teaching Toby Fielding Skills

Toby after playing our little game for 15 minutes straight.

I think there’s a sport in this, but I’m just not exactly sure what to call it, or what the rules would be. Toby and I like to play this little game that is similar to racketball combined with softball fielding drills — just not as fast or as hard.

Sitting about  15 feet away from the door I throw Toby’s Hartz Dura Ball against it and Toby then tries to catch it as it bounces off of it. If he doesn’t, it comes back to me, I grab it and immediately throw it again.

It can go pretty fast and tires Toby out, but it also is a great way to practice both our reflex skills. The game is pretty much non-stop action, which Toby likes. Plus, it keeps his mind active — you can watching him concentrate on the ball and really get into it.

When I first started doing this with Toby he was pretty bad at fielding the ball, and would be benched had he been in the major leagues. Now, he could easily step in for Derek Jeter. OK, maybe not Jeter, but definitely A-Rod. 

Do you and your pet play any special games?

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