#PetsAddLife and a Whole Lot More

My kid has fur.

So does my travel buddy, my writing inspiration, my walking pal, my kayaking friend, my cuddle bug, my partner in crime and my sidekick.

In fact, they are all the same person, err, dog. 🙂

P.T., or Pre-Toby, I had a fun — a lot of fun. I traveled, I had extra income, I didn’t have any major responsibilities in life.

But, A.T., or After Toby, life has been so much more fulfilling. I still travel, but now have a fun companion who also happens to be a great conversation starter with strangers. A wagging tail greets me when I get home from work, and big brown eyes wake me up every morning. When I’m upset, I know a big ball of fur is ready to jump in my lap and make me feel better.

I can’t imagine life without Toby, or any dog, for that matter. They bring a sense of unconditional love into your apartment, house or really anywhere they visit. Although I may not use the term that often, I love being a pet parent.

Dogs (or cats, ferrets, fish, birds, hamsters, tortoises) don’t care what color your hair is, if you’re wearing makeup, which designer mad your purse or how much money is in you bank account. As long as Toby is with me, he could care less what else is going on in the world.

Pets really do add to your life, which is why I think the American Pet Products Association’s Pets Add Life Campaign is so important. It really showcases the benefit of welcoming an animal into your life. Pets teach us responsibility and love. They also provide hours of entertainment and laughter.

What I like best about the PAL campaign is the way they get their message across: Funny videos, a happy Facebook community, an active twitter handle — all positive ways to encourage people to go out and bring a pet home. Some of you might remember the cool videos from last year, well wait till you see this year’s. We got a sneak peek, and they are just as hilarious and entertaining.

How does your pet add to your life?

This post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life campaign and the American Pet Products Association. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the benefits and joys of pet ownership.

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