Doggie Daycare Interview

We visited our first doggie day care in the area today. 

In a nutshell, Toby couldn’t wait to leave and Maddux had a ball. Toby couldn’t jump into my car fast enough and Maddux refused to get in. As my aunt said today when I told her about it, “it pretty much sums up their personalities.” 
Both of them however, were exhausted. 

They haven’t really barked, or moved, since we came back. I did notice they are both moving a lot slower and Toby’s legs are bothering him a lot tonight. He had a very hard time going outside. 
You might be asking why does someone who works remotely and can stay at home with their dogs all day need doggie daycare. 
I thought it would be a great socialization and separation anxiety exercise for them. Today was just a trial, where we introduced them to the facility as well as the other dogs and people there. They were there for about two hours. 
We are going to check out a few others, too so they have a little variety. It won’t be a daily thing, but it will be something we do maybe every week or two weeks. 
Do you put your dog in doggie daycare? 

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