Puppy's First Beach Trip

One of the benefits of where I live is that I am pretty much walking distance to the the lake’s public beaches, including a dog beach. 

Maddux got to experience that benefit today for the first time, as me, Toby and our friends Jen and Jenks spent a few hours at the beach on this absolutely beautiful Spring day! 
He wasn’t exactly sure what to make of it, but that could have been because he was super tired from not sleeping well the night before and a long walk earlier this morning. 

Getting him to listen, was, well, a total nightmare. It was like he had never been to a training class in his life and didn’t know what he word sit was. 
Toward the end I finally got him to listen a little and snapped this cute photo to mark his first beach trip. 

As cute as that one is, the ones of Jenks photobombing might be even better. 

Jenks had such a fun time playing in the lake, despite there still being some ice  on it. 

It’s so refreshing to be outside again! How was your day? 

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