The Cone Of Shame 

Seven years with Toby, nothing. Seven months with Maddux, my first personal experience with the “cone of shame.”

He wasn’t acting right last night and this morning, so I ran him to vet early this morning and while he was there he started fussing with the stitches. So, to play it safe, the vet decided to put a cone on him.

This is horrible, but I couldn’t stop laughing because the look on his face was just too hilarious.

I’m glad it’s clear because at least he can still see things around him, which I really like.

But looking at him, I just feel bad. Here are a few photo, where he is just too cute!

3 thoughts on “The Cone Of Shame 

  1. Your pictures of Maddux are so adorable. I know that’s a weird thing to say about cone of shame pictures, but he’s so precious looking with his eyes closed and the one with his ear flopped up. That’s also a really nice cone; it’s so clear.

  2. So cute! Gosh, I’ve only ever seen the opaque white cones of shame. Why didn’t they think to make them clear ages ago!? Lucky to get through 7 years with Toby w/ no CoS!

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