Barn Hunt

Our First Barn Hunt Practice

Maddux, we believe, is a rat terrier mix. So, one would think he would be a natural at Barn Hunt, right?

Not so much.

Two weekends ago we attended a Barn Hunt seminar with practice runs hosted by our local Kennel Club. It was a lot of fun, but Maddux wasn’t as interested as I thought he would be.

Even when he saw the rat, he looked at it, but wasn’t really phased by it. When it was in the container, he had even less interest.

What he did like?

Running through the hay tunnel and jumping all over.


Apparently, he is a lover and not a hunter.

Actually, I was told he didn’t do terrible, and sometimes it takes them a little while to get into it.

So what are we doing? This weekend, we are going to another day of practice – of course!

Maybe this one will go a little better.

Have you done barn hunt before? I’d love to hear about how your dog likes/doesn’t like it.

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