Maddux’s Fun Day at the Orvis Flagship Store in Vermont

Maddux had the absolute best time at the  Orvis flagship store in Vermont.

We had no intentions of going there over the Memorial Day weekend. In fact, I really didn’t even know it was there.

Maddux, my friend and I were at the Dorset Farmers Market and decided to drive around the area and check out what was around. Randomly, we decided to stop in.

And,  I’m so glad we did!

The store is beautiful and amazingly pet friendly. The dogs are allowed all over inside the two-story building. And, almost all the associates talked to Maddux, and offered him treats. He was totally spoiled.

Outside they have multiple pond where they have complementary food you can feed the fish. The fish know this, and are hilarious. Some were even jumping out of the water to grab the food when you threw it. Maddux found them very interesting to watch.

He tested out a bed, but as you will see later in this post, this was nothing compared to dog bed heaven!

A football field away is their outlet store, which has some amazing deals, and more importantly a third floor more than half full of pet items. But, first we encountered this moose, which I was surprised he wasn’t afraid of and made for a great photo.


The woman upstairs was super friendly and just loved Maddux. She was helping us with a price question and also gave him some treats. He was very happy.

And, then, enter pet bed heaven. Rows and rows of pet beds. He was so good and jumped on this one only after we asked him to for the photo. Had it been his brother in the store, Toby would have had to test out every bed, and then gave me sad eyes until I bought him one. When he gets done with is chemo treatments and can be out and about again, I can’t wait to bring him here. He is going to love it!


They had some really great sales, and I found a black dress that after discounts was under $15. But, I wanted to try it on. Being that they are pet friendly, I was easily able to take Maddux into the fitting room with me. I put on the bench and told him to “sit and stay,” and he did. He stayed there the whole time even when I was talking with the sales associate.

Prior to the store visits, Maddux spent the earlier part of the day at the local farmers’ market. By the time he got home, he was so tired! This was him when I woke him up after we were home and told him we were doing for another walk into town. After that, he was really done and didn’t move from the couch all night until it was time to bed – which I had to carry him to.

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