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Use the Good Stuff 

When I was the editor of Pet Age magazine a boutique dog bed company sent me one of their beds.

It was a very big and expensive bed. Toby, who previously showed no interest in dog beds, fell in love with it.

But, since he used to chew fabric, we would only take it out during special occasions. Then Maddux came along and there was no way I was leaving a super expensive dog bed around with a puppy in the house.

Looking in a closet today, I happen to find the bed and pulled it out thinking, “this is ridiculous. Toby should finally enjoy this again. And, if it get ruined, so what.”

As soon as I put the bed on the floor, actually as I was putting it on the floor, Toby was already climbing in!

He was one happy puppy, and even shared with his brother.

“Mom, where have you been hiding this for the past two years?”

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