The Day of Chemo Treatment

“Best I’ve seen him.”

Those were the words of Toby’s oncologist today during our third chemo visit since his lymphoma returned.

I was beyond happy to hear those four words!

His doctor also said none of his lymphnodes were swollen, all his blood tests were perfect and that he was going great. Toby was so good for him today, too!

Usually a little anxious when he knows we are in our way to the vet, today Toby could have cared less. He slept in my lap most of the way, just like he does on any other car ride.

When we got there, Toby started whining at the top of his lungs and could wait to get out of the car and inside. He ran right up the stairs into the office and hopped on the waiting-room chair.

It was adorable.

He didn’t even shake, or jump into my arms, when the vet tech came out. And, he easily went with her in the back. He was also super chill when his oncologist carried him back out to me after the treatment.

He did great!

As I’ve mentioned, on chemo days, Toby gets a special treat and I usually try to stay with him all day after. Today’s special treat was a squeaker-stuffed gator that was bigger than him. He has first gotten this gator years ago during a BlogPaws conference and destroyed it. When I recently saw it in HomeGoods, I immediately bought it for him.

He loved it! There are more photos and video on our Facebook page.

A few hours after his chemo, Toby tends to get super tired. Today was not different. He fell asleep in my lap, and despite having a lot of work to do, I stayed put and let him sleep as long as he wanted.

I’m so happy he’s doing well, and that I have the ability to give him the tools he needs to fight this horrible cancer. 

The treatments are very expensive, but I’ve been trying to save money where I can, do freelance work and put some other plans on the side while we deal with this. It’s why I took a full-time job instead of just taking the leap into my own business. I only buy items I have coupons for. I spend more time at home instead of going out.

It’s all worth it, if it keeps Toby happy and healthy.

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