Wordless Wednesday: Is That Present for Me?

I’m not really sure how he did it, but Toby knew this was his present on Christmas morning. He was at my feet while I was putting my Dad’s presents on the table and completely left them alone. But, when I put this one down with his name on it, he immediately started jumping around and taring into it. It wasn’t treats or food, so I can’t even put it off to the fact he could smell it.

I was so unprepared for him to do this, I ran really fast to get my camera, but I really wish I had took the extra 5 minutes to find my video camera and get video of this.

Toby was truly like a kid on Christmas and couldn’t wait for his Grandpa to put together his toy. In fact, I uploaded a similar photo of my Dad putting together Toby’s steps to my Facebook profile with this caption: And my Dad thought his days of assembling gifts on Christmas morning was over just because I have a fur kid. Think again…

9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Is That Present for Me?

  1. LOL I cant believe Toby can unwrap that good. My duo would just stare at the wrapped package and haylie would bark till you ripped it off for her…lazy!! So no I never wrap 🙂

  2. Our old dog who passed away a few years ago always opened his own presents and he always knew which one was his too (although after he was done, he wanted to try to help open everyone else's gift too.) So cute!

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