Toby 2.0

If there was anything good that came out of Toby being very sick last week, it was that he was forced to be on a bland diet of just chicken and rice.

Oh, man, does Toby love chicken. Like really love it. But, the good thing is that he also seems to be doing 300 percent better, but not only from when he was sick, but from even before that.

He’s brighter, more active, more playful, has less of a skin irritation under his arms, he stays awake longer and is just overall seems more happy. Not that there was anything wrong with him before, but it’s a noticeable difference.

For the past three or four months, I’ve been thinking about changing his food. It made me a little nervous because several foods I’ve tried with him in the past have ended with a very upset stomach and a visit to the vet Uncle Ira.This seemed like the perfect opportunity since he was off his old food for several days.

After seeing how well he did on just the chicken and rice, I’m trying him on a grain-free food that has no wheat, soy or corn. We started today and am doing a gradual transition, still mixing in a little rice and chicken with the kibble.

I’m really hoping this helps keep his energy levels up, and his new brightness. Depending on how he reacts to the new food, I’m also thinking about starting a rotation diet down the road.

Do you notice a difference in your dog’s behavior depending on the food you’re feeding them? What do you think about rotating your dog’s food?

8 thoughts on “Toby 2.0

  1. I have not experienced such a food difference myself, but I'm really hoping that it works out for Toby! That would be lovely!

  2. you know what will happen, he will still want the chicken and rice and want you to cook for him for the rest of time. 🙂 Luke is still getting boiled beef or chicken in every dinner, mixed with his kibble. Oh well

  3. Glad to hear Toby is getting better and I am sure he loves the chicken and rice! Talking of having tummy twubble if you didn't see Puddle's post on our 'Share It Sunday' check it out! Have a good day!
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I've been really lucky that all my dogs eat anything without a problem. I am in the process of changing their food so fingers crossed. I had been feeding them a premium dog food until I found out it was being made in that cesspool of Diamond food factory. They have lost my trust.

  5. I don't really see any behavior differences in my dogs. The biggest difference brought on by a food change was in their muscle density after switching to raw feeding a year and a half ago. Both of my dogs gained a lot of muscle after that switch, and they were both still their super energetic happy selves.

  6. I have to be on a prescription dog food because I get colitis otherwise. I had it since a pup, and since the vettie put me on it, I have been A-okay in that department (for the most part), but I can tell you, when the tummy is upset, it effects everything. I am so much better since my symptoms are cleared up. I think it definitely can change how dogs behave, both good and bad. I'm sure glad Toby is doing better! Good luck with the new food….at least you know you can always go back to chicken and rice if there are problems again.



  7. I'm so glad to hear Toby's feeling better! We haven't noticed such a big difference in behavior, but when we started feeding our boys The Honest Kitchen dog food, our vet reduced the dosages of both their medication at our next visit. Of course, there's no way to prove it was due to the food, but that was the only thing we'd changed, so I give the credit to The Honest Kitchen.

  8. I think I may be lucky, because Peach only has a bad reaction to fish and Purina dog foods. Anything else- from grain-free (Taste of the Wild prior to the recall, months ago) to plain IAMs, her tummy is happy, her coat is amazing, and she is always the right size.

    We're going to try out a new food soon, but I'm wary of a switch. I've seen the IAMs factory relatively recently via a source I trust, but I know nothing about this new foods production practices, other than they originate in England…

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