Canine Cancer Diaries: Toby’s First Post Chemo Outing 

August 1! August 1!

This meant Toby got to start doing fun stuff again, and to celebrate we went back to the very first place I took Toby on his way home the day I got him – to see my mom in the nursing home. He used to visit her everyday for years with my Dad, and she continuously asks for him – and she didn’t know he was coming.

I’m not sure which made me happier, how surprise my mom was or videoing Toby’s journey to go see her.




I had my Dad carry him in because, well, videoing is not his strong point, and I knew how I wanted it to come out. My mom, although she didn’t show it as much on the video, was super excited to finally see him again.

After we left the nursing home, we headed over to a local pet store to get Toby a new bag of food.



And, finally, we stopped at Home Depot, because my Dad needed to pick something up. While he was doing that, Toby and I checked out the flowers.

I was so proud of him today! Except for when my Dad carried him into my Mom’s, I mostly kept Toby in his sling. He did great. He was calm and snuggly and attentive to everything that was going on.

It was the first time since April he got to really go somewhere other than the vet’s office. The oncologist warned me he might be super tired the first few times we went places, but, he seemed great. In fact, as I am writing this, he is wide awake right next to me.


I don’t know if he understood all of this, or maybe I am making a bigger deal out of this first outing than I should be, but he used to be a pretty active dog, in terms of going lots of places. After being diagnosed with cancer in April, his, and my, life changed a lot.

Today, it kind of felt a little more like normal.


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