Doggie Walk on Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park

Last week I took Toby and Maddux to Walkway Over the Hudson, a former railroad bridge turned pedestrian walkway and state historic park. According to a New York State Parks website, the bridge deck is 212 feet above the Hudson River’s surface and is 1.28 miles long, making it the longest, elevated pedestrian bridge in the world.

It wasn’t Toby’s first time there, but it was Maddux’s. I like the bridge because it is dog and bike-friendly, and because it has incredible views.

Other than Toby’s visit to my mom’s, this was his first real outing where he had to walk a distance and was really back in public with other dogs, people and walking with Maddux. He did pretty well, and totally enjoyed himself, or at least seemed happy.

It was a warm day, and they both got hot, so we only walked halfway. Toby seemed to get hot and tired a little faster than he normally would. I started to get a little concerned, but he hasn’t been on a walk in at least four months, because of the chemo. Plus, I”m sure having cancer and going through chemo put a toll on his system.

I know that I need to realize that things are not going to be the same. Toward the end, before we got back to the car, I did have to carry him, because I was worried he was getting too tired, and we did stop and I let him sit on the bench a lot more than we normally would have.

But, honestly, I don’t care if I have to carry him the whole way, or if we have to stop every five minutes for him, it was awesome to have him back out doing things with us.

As I mentioned, the views are incredible, especially on a beautiful day. The first photo is looking north on the Hudson River and the one below is looking south.

They do all kinds of neat events on the bridge, although I believe some of them are not pet friendly. Last time I took Toby we went from the Poughkeepsie side and then took a little walk around the city. On the park’s website, they have a map and guide of other things to do in the area, which sound like a lot of fun.


We did a Facebook live video, which let me tell you, was a bit difficult with two dogs who haven’t walked together in at least four months including one who couldn’t wait to run around exploring, combined with a poor internet connection. We did the best we could.


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