Holiday Recap

Guys, this was the best Christmas holiday I have had in such a long time! We left on the day before Christmas Eve to go to my aunt’s farm in Virginia, and we ended up staying until New Year’s Day.

First off, the boys had so much fun playing with my aunt’s dogs, having the freedom to run off-leash and being with us pretty much all day for 10 days was likely the best Christmas present I could have gotten them. Bear, and Maddux, really, really enjoyed playing with my aunt’s dogs – being able to just romp around with them in the kitchen without getting yelled at for messing up a rug or moving a blanket, made them both super happy. It made me happy, too.

Bear really enjoyed coming out to my uncle’s woodshop with us, while Maddux liked running around the farm off-leash while my aunt did chores. We took the dogs for a short walk around a lake at a place called Peaks of Otter. It was really pretty and the boys both love walks, so they were very happy.

And, tell me I didn’t’ find the most appropriate sweater for Maddux – a football! I snagged this off the rack at a Tuesday Morning in North Carolina when I went to visit my friend Meredith. He looks so adorable in it. And, it seems super warm, which was good, because it has been super cold. In fact, he wore it the whole way home.

Here are some additional cute photos from our little Christmas vacation. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

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